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History of CDP

During 1997 and 1998 the CDP began to mainfest itself, it was starting to be reported in local and national press publications. The CDP emergence coincided with the Chinese authorities loosening of conditions placed on expression of political views. It has been suggested that the death of Deng Xiaoping 1997 was a key factor in this more relaxed approach.

This easing of controls was a key feature in the more friendly relationship with China and the rest of the world. There were many high profile visits to China in this time, the CDP was growing quickly and even produced some smaller offshoot political parties. The poicies that the CDP stand for can be viewed on our about us page

Crackdown on other members
There were hundreds of DPC members that were detained, arrested, and sentenced to prison.

Liu Xianbin 
Wu Yilong 
Gao Hongmin 
Zha Jianguo 
Mao Qinxiang 
Zhu Yufu 
Liu Shizhun 
Xu Guang 
She Wanbao 
Chen Shuqing

The form of collective decision-making, using a combination of elements of direct and representative demokrasacji. However, is mainly used in closed structures, such as works councils, trade unions, clubs, unions etc. In the shareholders' structure of the local environment more than difficult to apply. There has also referencing the larger scale required, studied the legal and technical models.

CDP online Chinese Democratic Party